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Personal 1:1 training (3 sessions)

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Up-close and personal 1:1 training session to carve out all little details that have been missing from your diet, lifestyle, and workouts. If you choose this program, we get our hands dirty and body sweaty with an intense workout followed by a customized meal plan based on your body needs.

  1. Customized workouts
  2. Meal plan included as per your body needs
  3. Dedicated space and equipment area.
  4. 3 sessions minimum required
  5. Price will be discussed during consultation


These women took back the charge of their lives and look how far they have come. You can, too!

I was 237.4lbs before meeting Lelia, four weeks after we started working I was down to 220lbs. She pushed and motivated me to go hard even with injuries. I was in shock that all the hard work paid off. Thank you Lelia!


Over the years of encouragement, consistency, dedication, and motivation, I grew to DISRESPECT MY COMFORT ZONE!!! Lelia not only supported and coached me on my fitness journey, I was also able to gain knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle and be on a new life journey all together. My life has changed tremendously!

Michelle B

I always wanted a personal trainer and I’m so happy that I found Lelia. She pushed and helped me to stay motivated. Even on the days I was tired, she still encouraged me to keep going. Thank you Leila! I love and appreciate your passion and drive


I started out just wanting to know how to lose weight real quick but working with Lelia has not only helped me lose weight, I’ve also been able to develop a healthy balanced diet. I can't express the gratitude I have that I was able to work with her!


I hated the way I looked after my delivery. Leila, a mother herself, understood my feelings and what I was going through. Now, I feel so fit and strong! She has been amazing not just as a fitness trainer but an awesome, lovable human being. I found a friend in her


My health and wellness journey hasn’t been the easiest for me but Lelia has been understanding, transparent, and a challenger throughout this process, making it a complete mindset change!

De'Misha B

Lelia is the most invested (in her clients) personal trainer I’ve ever had. It goes deeper than working out & eating healthy, we support each other’s businesses & mental health. JSM has been a sisterhood for me. I’ve made friends, business contacts, got in shape, and learned more about healthy eating

Deja T

Personal 1:1 training (3 sessions)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need 4 sessions minimum?

Consistency is the first step. To be able to kickstart your transformational journey and allow your body to adapt to the change in lifestyle, we recommend booking at least 4 sessions.

Can I take my 1:1 training online?

Yes, you can. All personal 1:1 sessions can be scheduled online and structured around your schedule.

Are your sessions COVID compliant?

Yes, not only do we practice social distancing and temperature checks, we also maintain hygiene levels within the premises. Also, the sessions are done in small groups.