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Semi-private group training (3x/Week)

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Shed that unwanted body fat and build curves at the same time. Join our 60-minute online training camp with JSM FITNESS. We offer full-body, lower body, and abdominal workout routines to sculpt and build the desired body you want. No equipment needed, just bring energy or maybe a friend to accompany you and tell them to book the VIP package and save!

We recommend JSM glute band for effective sculpting results.

  1. online 60 minutes workout session.
  2. every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday's (3x/week)
  3. Ideal for dropping body fat and building CURVES
  4. No equipment required
  5. Price will be discussed during consultation


These women took back the charge of their lives and look how far they have come. You can, too!

I was 250+lbs and 53” waist when I met Lelia. Our sessions together helped me get down to 190 lbs. Unfortunately, when COVID hit, I got sloppy with my eating and gained extra 30lbs. With Lelia’s online training and the 14-Day detox challenges, I’m now at 187lbs and 36” waist. I’m so happy I stuck with her!


JSM Fitness is not just a brand but a lifestyle! I’ve been able to maintain my weight by meal preps, trainings, and healthy tips on bettering my lifestyle


I came to Lelia with the goal to lose weight in my belly area but also maintain my butt, and we’ve accomplished that! Her workouts are intense but the TRUTH. Infact, I’m not a sweater but Lelia had me DRENCHED in sweat!


From day one, Leila has been a pleasure to work with. Her motivation, her drive for ME to succeed, her spirit and pure honesty inspires me…She treats me like family!


Lelia is such a great motivator! She’s very professional and always wants the best for her clients. And I felt that during our workout classes. You can definitely tell she loves what she does!


Prior to connecting with Lelia I suffered from depression, anxiety & other health issues. From day one, she was totally involved in helping me better myself and my health. Her products and programs actually work!!! Also, those virtual training sessions had me feeling like I was in the gym with Leila!


I was in a state where I wasn’t motivated, and dealing with post partum. With Lelias support and way of disciplining, I was able to put in the work. She isn’t just a great trainer, she is someone who understands you, will not judge you, and only wants the best for you.


Semi-private group training (3x/Week)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by 3 classes 3 days a week?

Our sessions are broken down during the entire week to provide you maximum support and flexibility. Our normal schedule goes like:

- Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday online

- Classes cannot be transferred so please attend each session

- Total of 12 classes a month

Can I bring a friend to join me in the session?

Yes, they will have to book their own VIP Pass.

What if I miss the session? Will I be able to reschedule it?

Unfortunately, no. We do not reschedule any sessions. Also, we want you to hold yourself accountable and make sure you show up no matter what. With the flexibility of weekend sessions, as long as you have the will power, we can groove ;)

Do I need to buy equipment for this program?

No, If you have a yoga mat feel free to bring that.