About Us

The story dates back to the times when I started my own weight loss journey. Drenched in depression and anxiety, I took all possible measures to look and feel good about myself. This constant self-loathe caused huge dents in my pocket and I was stuck in a loop of disappointment.

Until one day, I decided to seek help and it changed the course of my life. With the help of my coach, I started my healing journey and developed the mindset to look in the mirror, chin up and say this to myself: “I am much more than a number on a weighing scale”.

About JSM Fitness

Similarly, at JSM, we do not measure your success with some digits on the weighing scale. We rather take you on a transformational journey as your coach to help you ditch those habits that bring your health and gut down. The physical battle comes later–– we first enable you to develop a mindset that makes healthy choices each day.

There is no magic wand, but open communication with all our clients where we show them how nutrition and fitness work, as a coach or let’s say, as their best friend. 

How do we represent it?

Here’s to Transformation, Growth and a New Beginning.

The neon-colored butterfly in our logo represents life, change and hope. In some parts of the world, they associate butterflies with soul and spiritual rebirth. Your journey toward a healthy lifestyle symbolizes the beginning of transformation and personal growth. I want you to visualize yourself as this butterfly and get ready to transform to your best self.

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