Life may be tough right now.
Being fit should not.

We empower busy moms to start their transformational journey toward health, healing, and an active lifestyle.

Explore Our Programs

Our Programs

Want to burn calories from the comfort of your home? Join our online sessions. 
Need some time off for your fit-n-fab self? Explore our in-person programs.


Semi-private group training (3x/Week)

JSM VIP 4 week semi-private training


Semi-private group training (SATURDAYS ONLY)

Designed specifically to train you and your body for an active and healthy lifestyle in a semi-private setting.

Explore Our Programs

Meal Guides

Meal prep takes so much of your time and you start hating the idea of ‘what to eat’. We take this responsibility off your shoulders and provide you with nutritious meal guides that are exclusively designed for YOUR body and its needs.

Explore Meal Guides
Explore Meal Guides


These women took back the charge of their lives and look how far they have come. You can, too!


Our Products

Your body, when equipped with the right workout gear, does wonder. Choose and combine some of the products we offer to help you kickstart your fitness journey

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JSM Fitness Slides

JSM Babe Socks

3-in-1 Glute/Booty Band Set

Snatched Band


Glute/Booty Band

"The waist trainer has helped support my posture, get rid of excess fat in my abdominal area, and excess water weight as well"


"JSM Fitness gear are the most comfortable workout clothes ever!"


"This waist trainer and 30 day challenge got me feeling good already!"


"The outfits alone motivate me to workout. Not only do your bands not ride up or move during workout, they’re also very versatile"


"The resistant bands have improved my physical therapy! "


"Who does wanna look good while working out? The apparel is CUTE!"


"I wear the JSM snatch band for hours and forget I have it on most times"


"Even when I wasn't working out, I utilized my snatched band and the results were amazing!"


From Me to You

Before you choose JSM, I want you all to choose yourself. Yes, you read it right. As a founder of JSM, I want all of you to look yourself in the mirror and love what you see as a whole human being regardless of how much you weigh. Remember, it’s you versus you. You’re your only competition

At JSM Fitness, my goal is to change how you see fitness i.e beyond the number you see on the scale. Together, we will heal your body and mind to adopt healthy habits which will guarantee a healthy lifestyle for generations to come.

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